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2017 harvest in our estate

2017 harvest in our estate

The harvest began this year in our estate on Monday 4 September, a bit earlier than last year, and will spread over all month, with a team of 32 grape pickers. Our winter was dry and followed by very important temperature variations during spring. We have then experienced “extreme heat” in summer, in particular these last few weeks, with grapes approaching optimum ripeness and in “excellent health”. Our harvest is expected to be slightly smaller than last year and very promising, with plenty of colour and a good ratio of sugar to acidity. The first tastings made from grape berries reveal very aromatic, fruity, spicy and concentrated wines. The sign of a Great Vintage!

Merci au Domaine de la Présidente de st cecile pour son lot offert à l'un des gagnants de la tombola !!!! Pour en savoir plus sur le Domaine de la Présidente : http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.presidente.fr%2F&h=ATNEv9QIP7VpE9Kk91xqAV3uSespbJ40SBX8zML-22UP7PRigqPHKpjjxhKz_GYNTf-ZlNG

Written by Domaine de la Présidente on  June 20 2017